Colorado Tech Summit Agenda

Tuesday, October 18th

  • 6:00 pm


    • Denver ChopHouse with ViaWest
      • 6 pm
    • The Capital Grille with CenturyLink
      • 6 pm

Wednesday, October 19th

  • 7:30 am


  • 8:30 am


    Michael Marcotte, CEO, acumen digital
    Andrea Young, CEO, Colorado Technology Association

  • 8:45 am



           Dave Anderson, SVP & CIO, CH2M


    Eric Marcoullier, Partner, Cloudspace
    Page Tucker, CEO, ProStar Geocorp

    The future is here and it’s time to apply these technologies to today’s strategies. Eric Marcoullier and Page Tucker will showcase how they’re leveraging this futuristic technology in two completely different industries. Microsoft HoloLens headsets will be available to demo afterward.

  • 9:30 am



    Gov. John Hickenlooper (Opening Remarks)
    Suma Nallapati, Secretary of Technology & CIO, Governor’s Office of Information Technology – Colorado
    Ed Rios, CEO, National Cybersecurity Center
    Paul Lehman, CIO, Optiv
    Deborah Blyth, CISO, Governor’s Office of IT – Colorado
    David Schoenberger, Chief Innovation Officer, Secure Cloud Systems
    Dave Mahon, Chief Security Officer, CenturyLink
    Facilitator: Andy Merritt, Chief Defense Industry Officer, Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance

    Cybersecurity no longer is reserved for certain sectors – it’s an essential part of the conversation for every company that uses technology. Colorado is positioned to have a major role in the future of cybersecurity and the panel will articulate how it will transform your business and what you need to do to prepare.

  • 10:50 am


    Transforming Your Business Through INTERNET OF THINGS – Evergreen A
    Everything someday will be part of the Internet of Things. Whoever figures out how to utilize its power now will be well-positioned into the future. Get inspired by our panel for ways you can capitalize on this emerging opportunity.


    Jack Galbreath, Founder, SensorNova
    Peter Saint-Andre, CTO, Filament
    Jake Rishavy, Director of Innovation, Denver South Economic Development
    Roland DuCote, Internet of Things Foundry Member, Arrow Electronics
    Erik Varney, Senior Manager of IoT Technical Consulting Team, Verizon

    Transforming Your Business Through TECH PATHWAYS – Evergreen B-C
    Career pathways help people find and reach their career aspirations. Employees need career pathways within their company to continue to grow in their careers. Students need career pathways to help them navigate through complex choices in education, training and work-based learning opportunities. The breadth of career pathways in tech is growing. In this breakout, you will learn about some of the freshest programs in talent innovation from employee upskilling, to training for a hot job in cyber, to the value of hiring an apprentice, to the power of STEM in K-12.


    Andy Carlson, Enterprise Sales Executive, Galvanize
    Scott Nelson, Academy Program Manager, SecureSet
    Dianne Kingsland, Executive Director, STEMsCO
    Liz Kuehl, Manager of Colorado STEM, Colorado Education Initiative
    Brad Revare, Technology Program Manager, CareerWise Colorado
    Trevor Pruitt, Colorado Field Organizer, SKILLFUL: A Markle Initiative

    Transforming Your Business Through INNOVATION LABS – Evergreen D 
    The desire and need for collaborative, experimental spaces has become almost universal for tech companies, but which model is right for you? Our panel will talk through options and then walk you through a questionnaire to determine a direction to take


    Melanie Cutlan, Technology Innovation Sr. Principal, Accenture Operations
    Ron Thomas, Executive Director, TinkerMill
    Alvina Antar, CIO, Zuora
    Joe Newell, Director of Enterprise Architecture and BI Labs, BI Incorporated

  • 12:00 pm


  • 12:30 pm


    Teams from various Colorado school districts highlight their STEM achievements by presenting recent technology projects. Student teams will share project challenges, breakthrough moments, resources used, and key takeaways, while drawing connections between STEM education, youth innovation and real-world solutions to today’s emerging challenges.

    Team 1 – Aquatic Robotics Team of the SVVSD Innovation Center: An Innovation Center-Denver Zoo Partnership
    The Innovation Center Aquatic Robotics team is collaborating with the Denver Zoo to use robotics in conservation efforts. Specifically, the team of eight high school students and their mentor have constructed, tested and delivered an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to Dr. Arturo Muñoz, a field biologist based in Bolivia. Dr. Muñoz is studying the endangered Lake Titicaca frog, a fully aquatic frog and one of the world’s largest. This amphibian, like many others, is under a lot of pressure from various environmental factors. The ROV enables Dr. Muñoz to study the frog in its full underwater habitat and gather useful information for preserving the species.

    Team 2 – DSST Stapleton Robotics – Brute Force: The Value of Experiential Education in STEM
    The Robotics Team at the Denver School of Science and Technology: Stapleton (DSST) puts the “Tech” in DSST! We compete in two competitions each school year: BEST Robotics in the fall and the FIRST Robotics Competition in the spring. In each competition, the students are presented the “game” challenge and rules, and then given six weeks to strategize, design, build, test and compete with their robot. Students are responsible for all aspects of the design and construction of their robots (CAD, software, electronics, fabrication, testing, documentation, etc).

    Team 3 – Coronado High School, Colorado Springs – Cougars Gone Wired: FIRST Robotics Team
    FIRST robotics is a national organization started by inventor Dean Kamen in order to excite young people about STEM education. The organization puts on different robotics competitions for different levels of education the FIRST Robotics Competition is the high school level and is considered the varsity sport for the mind. The Coronado High School team has competed in FIRST since 2009 and will demonstrate one of their robots for the audience.

    Team 4 – Highlands Ranch High School – Droning On: Project Based Calculus III Drone Project
    The Drone Project began on September 1st, 2013 with the goal creating a mathematical model of a drone flight path to estimate velocity, acceleration and total flight distance at any instance during flight. One of the main topics in Calculus III is the study of vector-valued functions and associated calculus relationships in three dimensions. Each class is tasked with presenting their progress toward the project goals to the next class, and each new class will continue the project and create new goals. This project has grown from a toy helicopter to a Tarot X8 Octocopter fully loaded with a Bad Elf GPS, GoPro camera, Flir Radiometric Thermal image camera, multiple video sources and displays, and more. The team will share their progress toward the original mathematical modeling goal and explain their future thermal imaging modeling project.


  • 2:00 pm


    Transforming Your Business Through SMART & SAFE CITIES – Evergreen A
    Smart city technology is rapidly changing how business and government improve efficiency, manage resources and leverage analytics and technology to meet their unique objectives. For city and industry leaders, the conversation has shifted from the “if” and “when” to the “how” of implementing smart cities. Attendees will benefit from a highly interactive format that allows leaders to exchange knowledge and perspectives, and gain valuable insight on best practices. Vijay Sammeta, from Civic Foundry and former CIO of San Jose, will lead a state of the industry panel discussion on the present and what’s to come. The panel discussion will be followed by the opportunity to interact with architects and industry thought leaders.


    Doreen Sturgis, VP of Consulting, CGI
    Steve Wimsatt, Senior Director of Business Development, Ruckus Wireless – a Brocade Business Unit
    Sean Grimm, Director of Strategic Alliances, Hitachi Insight Group
    Vijay Sammeta, CEO, Civic Foundry

    Transforming Your Business Through CULTIVATING TALENT – Evergreen B-C
    Talent is the central challenge for tech companies right now. Supply isn’t keeping up and everyone has to get creative when it comes to attracting, developing & retaining talent. Our panel will discuss what they’ve been able to do and engage the audience in what strategies have worked for them so far


    Amy Horan, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, Level 3
    Joe Thurman, Founder & CEO, Jobber Group
    Hayes Drumwright, Co-Founder & CEO, POPIn
    Amanda Dufresne Lee, Engineering Recruiting Lead, Google
    Matthew Taylor, Managing Director of Strategy, Accenture

    Transforming Your Business Through PRESCRIPTIVE ANALYTICS – Evergreen D
    Descriptive and predictive analytics have run business decision making for years, but prescriptive analytics is the next evolution. Often referred to as the final frontier of analytical capabilities, it provides the answer to “What should we do now?” rather than simply “What could happen?”


    Frannie Matthews, Senior Location Executive, IBM
    Ray Deiotte, CTO & Chief Scientist, ISSAC Corp.
    Patrick Kemble, Analytics Director, PwC LLP
    Avishkar Misra, Chief Data Scientist, Oracle
    Bijal Shah, Vice President of Analytics and Data Products, Ibotta

  • 3:10 pm


  • 3:40 pm



    Ryan McWilliams, CTO & Principal, International Engineering
    Brian Watson, Co-Founder, LAUNCH West CO
    Aaron Landau, Founder & Managing Director, EVO3 Workspace
    Tomer Alpert, CEO, Felt
    Mike Freeman, CEO, Innosphere

    CTA has hit the road the past two summers to hear the stories of entrepreneurs and leaders from across the state. We’re fortunate to have some of them making the trek to Denver to share those stories and lay out what’s happening in tech in their region.

  • 4:25 pm



    Hayes Drumwright, Co-Founder & CEO, PopIn
    Jim Deters, Founder & CEO, Galvanize
    David Gold, Managing Director, Access Venture Partners
    Mario Ciabarra, Founder & CEO, Quantum Metric
    Anna Ewing, COO, Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade

    A talent rich environment is key to being a successful tech hub. Author Hayes Drumwright will present his findings on how to build culture, then attract and retain talent. A panel will follow with insight on what other tech hubs are doing to strengthen industry, how Colorado can learn from them and stand apart from the rest.

  • 5:20 pm


    Andrea Young, CEO, Colorado Technology Association

  • 5:30 pm


    • Denver-grown acoustic bluegrass duo Follow the Fox